Ryo Miyachi is a electric bass player, composer born and raised in Okayama,, Japan, and now living  in Brooklyn, New York. He started playing electric bass since he was age of 17.  he started working as a professional musician at the age of 19 in Japan.

He studied with Moto Fukushima(House of Waters), Evan Marien(EMAR,Allan Holdsworth Band), Marko Djordjevic(Sveti) and Isamu McGregor(Richard Bona band)

Over the years, Ryo has had the good fortune to play with amazing musicians, including, Marko Djordjevic, Nir Felder, Ole Mathisen, Ian Froman, Adriano Santos, Isamu McGregor, Mark Sherman, Billy Test.

He is co-leading NY based World music band "Slum Suit" In summer of 2017, they were invited to share stage with New York Phil Harmonic Orchestra.

Ryo made his first leader album "November" with Nir Felder, Ole Mathisen, Evan Marien, Isamu Mcgregor, Marko Djordjevic.

Living in Tokyo, Japan from 2018.


La Bella strings solo bass competition 2017, 2nd place. 

Ryo is endorsed with Fodera Guitars, and La Bella Strings.